Is shared hosting the only type of web hosting?

No, other very popular types of web hosting include:


VPS stands for virtual private server, where a server is divided into individual virtual servers. The advantage of VPS is that each website can technically be hosted on its own server, and even though hardware is still shared with other websites, the computing resources are your own.


With a dedicated server, you are 100% in control of your resources. This makes the website particularly stable and reliable, and you avoid issues that arise when there are traffic spikes from other websites.


The resources needed to run your website are split across a multitude of different servers. Assembled together, they comprise the cloud.


Enterprise hosting comprises of custom-made offers that are tailored to suit the needs of your business. Not all providers offer this, but the ones that do are worth checking out if you think a ready-made plan isn't a good fit for your business.

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