What exactly is web hosting?

Whether a large or small business, an institution or as individual user, anyone planning on creating an online presence will require the appropriate storage space for their future website. This is where web hosting services come into play, i.e. for the provision of storage space for a website by a hosting provider (also known as a provider).


Such storage space is referred to as web space. The provision of web space on a server (a computer designed for this purpose), as well as providing the necessary network connections, is usually done at a cost. Simply put, the customers rent web space from a web hosting service provider.


In order to be able to offer customers the highest technical standards at low prices, ZAFEM provides web hosting in the form of shared hosting. This kind of hosting is the ideal form of web hosting for entry-level businesses. Shared web hosting servers are home to several different websites. This means that your site would share server CPU resources with other websites.

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